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"We cook you eat"

Weekly Menu 

Delivery April 1st 2020 

All deliveries on Tuesday 
All meals subject to %9 tax. 
New Boston Delivery is free. $5 to $10 for surrounding towns 

Gluten free # Dairy free *
#*Roast Turkey: olive oil mashed potato, glazed carrots and gluten free gravy $17 for 2 $25 for 4 

Shrimp scampi: Lemon, caper bullet sauce over what ever pasta I can find (I'll aim for a long pasta) $20 for 2 $30 for 4

American chop souy: Pasta, ground beef, mozzarella and tomato  $17 for 2 $25 for 4 

Vegetable empanada:  Flaky crust, taco sauce and cheddar $17 for 2 $25 for 4  

# Broccoli  cheddar  $5.50    qt $8.50

Angel food cake cup cakes with whip cream frosting   $3.00 ea
Mac and cheese  $3.00 ea 
Caesar salad with steak tips $10.00

Mac and cheese  $3.00 ea 
Caesar salad with steak tips $10.00


Special Events

Not only do we deliver oven ready meals weekly, but we can also take care of every thing from a small business lunch to full service weddings. Advice is free! 

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