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Weekly Menu

this menu changes ever weeek 

Oven Ready 

"We cook you eat"

June 23rd 2020

All deliveries on Tuesday

and subject to %9 tax
now accepting paypal

Gluten free # Dairy free *

#*Rotisserie style chicken: Whole roasted, with rice and mixed vegetables  $17 for 2 $25 for 4

#Blackened salmon: Brown rice, asparagus and Cajun cream  $20 for 2 $30 for 4  

#Meat loaf: seasoned ground chuck, served with mashed potato and glazed carrots  $20 for 2 $30 for 4

#*Spaghetti squash: served with hearty tomato sauce and dark greens $17 for 2 $25 for 4 


#*Carrot and cardamom soup  $5.50    qt $8.50

Whoopiepie   $3.00 ea

Mac and cheese  $3.00 ea 
Caesar salad with steak tips $10.00



Friday delivery

Please have orders in by Wednesday night  

Gluten free *

By  The  pound:
Pulled pork*              $8.00
Pulled chicken*         $7.00
By  the  pint:
BBQ sauce*              $5.00
Spicy spice*            $8.00

Secret house not that hot  sauce
Sausage patties*      $12.00
Makes about 6 big ones
Potato salad*           $4.00
Cole Slaw*                $4.00
Jalapeno sauce*       $9.00

now  this  one  is  hot

feeds up to four

Chicken:       $10.00
Onion, carrot and peas

Pork pie:  $12.00
Onion, and potato 

How about a cherry pie? $12.00
That will make your day for sure!!

We are making making quiche!

Spinach tomato feta: $10.00
Country quiche:      $12.00

potato bacon and cheddar

Week end Delivery: BBQ by the pound every week

Please have orders in by Thursday afternoon. Weekend delivery is limited to New Boston and bordering towns, anyone can pick up. 

Special Events

Not only do we deliver oven ready meals weekly, but we can also take care of every thing from a small business lunch to full service weddings. Advice is free! 

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